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Good lighting improves safety

A Generator System is the Best Insurance

Dependable electricity is not only desirable but absolutely vital for your business or rural residence. You'll want an expert to install and wire your system to insure optimal operation in an emergency situation. There are different methods for wiring your generator system - leave it to Enlow Electric to figure the best one for you.

Fast turnaround for the best service

-    New wiring for remodels

-    Residential and commercial

-    Installation of carbon monoxide detectors

-    Safe and efficient

-    Fully insured

-    Fire alarm installation

-    Full inspections

-    Installation of energy efficient appliances

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Make sure your home and business is up to code. Install new lighting fixtures or appliances.

Troubleshoot your electrical problems. Enlow Electric has the experience and expertise to do it all.

Bring over 30 years of electrical experience to your next project with Enlow Electric.

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Underground wiring in rural areas requires inspection for exposed lines. Trust Enlow Electric to provide underground fault locating. Keep your family and animals safe.